Our Exhibitions

Guns and Submarine

The Outdoor Gallery proudly displays a collection of historic guns and weapon systems sourced from decommissioned ships such as the County-class Landing Ship Tank, B-class Patrol Vessel and Sea Wolf-class Missile Gunboat.

Our Maritime History

Our Maritime History explore tales that highlights the importance of the maritime domain and the corresponding need for a strong and capable Navy today.

Our Humble Beginnings

Our Humble Beginnings showcases the growth and evolution of the RSN from two wooden boats to a well-respected modern force. Prominent artefacts within the collection include original artefacts from RSS Panglima, such as its helm, bell and propeller.

Tunnel of Progress

The Navy’s Crucible presents a compelling display of the progressive evolution of RSN ships over the years, reflecting the remarkable growth and advancement of the Navy.

Nothing Stands in Our Way

Nothing Stands in Our Way delves into the rich history of the Naval Diving Unit (NDU), and informs the visitor of its many roles and responsibilities as the RSN’s elite force.

Striking Deeper, Higher and Further

The RSN’s capabilities and strengths are displayed through model missiles, videos and images. Notable artefacts include model missiles such as the Aster, the Harpoon, the A244S Torpedo and the Barak.

Our Maritime Security

Our Maritime Security highlights the efforts taken by the RSN to ensure that Singapore’s waters remain safe and secure.

Global Partnerships and Friendships

Displays key artefacts received by RSN, demonstrating the extensive network and strong connections the RSN maintains with navies worldwide, emphasizing the vital significance of naval diplomacy.

Navy Heartware

Navy Heartware features a 3-minute short film of the challenges faced at sea and the values embodied by these sailors.