Make the great odyssey to Singapore Navy Museum this year-end holidays and explore the
captivating maritime world through fun activities!

Paper Fleet Craft

Set sail on a creative voyage as you fold your very own paper ships – ready to conquer the high seas of your imagination!

Gallery Tour

Embark on an exciting journey through Singapore’s maritime story and the evolution of the Singapore Navy. Discover the fascinating stories behind the exhibits during our free 45-minute guided tour of the Singapore Navy Museum, led by our volunteers!

Maritime Heritage Trail

Step back in time and learn about the different Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) ships, their roles in defending our seas and shaping our maritime world.

Family Exploration Kit

Cruise through maritime history with your Family Exploration Kit and embark on an adventure to uncover the fun stories of the RSN!

Submarine Snapshots

Capture and take home a splash of enchantment in every photo at our submarine-themed photobooth!